keskiviikko 30. huhtikuuta 2014

Summer ahead! Tarot, Writing and Seedlings!

Summer is coming!

 It's 30th of April and the birthday of my older sister, Happy Birthday!! She went to Canada for two weeks adventure.

 Right, what's news? I had a flu (drunk mint tea + honey like madman) that is over now and got replaced by allergy, pollen and birch trees. Really annoying, but I got medicine for that. I hope it's not bad as in the other year (breathing problems).

I'm waiting for invitation for library and journalist study tests. Even bought the book for journalist test, but nothing is certain. I hope to get the library study as priority.

Waiting for trees and grass to turn green, so I would take exquishite photograps of the nature. It just look like autumn at the moment. Maybe later visit at Oulu parks too. I still haven't learned to use my new camera properly, but with practice will come good and might go to library to borrow a book.

I started scrapbooking and bought few stuff to start off. The scrapbook folder will be "Once upon a time" themed and about my writing hobby. I have made only four pages now. Still excited about it. Maybe one page per week is good or I might run out of materials soon.

I got new Tarot deck, it's called Gilded Reverie Lenormand by Ciro Marchetti. Really fabulous deck! Might use it as inspiration for writing. 

There was a mess that threw me off track of everything for some time. I won't go into details. Including writing got full stop, but after aftershock I started to write again. Fantasy story will get new plot lines and twists. Quite thrilled now. Just have to push on. I try to write daily, but it still little slow.

As it's spring time, I sow some seeds Palisandra dark and Limegreen mix, Lavender and Melissa officinalis. I hope they grow well. That means I have to stay at my flat and less going to parents on these weeks. ;p Here is picture of seedlings.

Tomorrow is Vappu here in Finland. That means most of adults gonna drink their heads off! What? It's partly true! Anyways,  Happy summer waiting!

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