tiistai 30. joulukuuta 2014

New Year Resolutions?

Where the time went?

Soon this year have passed by, and I'm trying to recover from laryngitis (throat head infection). It's a nasty thing. Can't speak well. I got new antibios for the infection, and pain is almost gone now. It began before Christmas, and I haven't been able to eat chocolate! Only 2 pieces of confetti when I was at parents. Also, talking and whispering are not allowed while having this infection. Now mother is sick, and I think I need to go, and help her with housework, and the dogs. Sucky end for this year.

On coming year 2015, I try to write more, and eat less candies. Hopefully it will be better over all. I try not to stress too much.

I started to read The hobbit again. I saw the last Hobbit movie, too, and it was a mess in my opinion. Books are always the best!

That's all from now.

torstai 23. lokakuuta 2014

On Writing

I think I heard the sound of gun is loaded. Well, it's more like a shotgun. Yes, my Muse owns it. I think he's right behind me...

 For a long while, writing has been in my mind, but there were distractions. A game for example. One certain game, but I lost inspiration to play it, and uninstalled it. There!

 Now to more pressing news. I've been started to write again! How I have missed it. I try to write daily now, and get back to one to two thousands words per day. I was writing, like that before the long break. I want to do it more often. Also, reading through my first draft. The second draft needs to be done, and infused with the first one, with a lot of changes.

I wanted to make a map for the book. There are problems, when it's about the land shape, and so on. Watching "how to" videos, and checking numerous maps from other people for example, it is still difficult to form own land shape. I have done few practice maps by Campaign Cartographer 3, but still work ahead. I saw few dreams about maps also. Haha.

It's all about getting on the roll now. :)

Ps. The new Hobbit movie, The Battle of fFve Armies is coming on Dec. 17th. Can't wait!!

perjantai 3. lokakuuta 2014

Autumn moods

                                      Oh noo, I'm late!


It's a while when I posted here. Well, summer went by and we had alot heat. I was suffering as had to stay at parents for some time. I'm so happy autumn is here and foggy one! Tonight is foggy weather and I picked my camera, going out with my sibling who lives nearby. That header picture is one of pictures I took also my favorite.

I've been spritually/mentally exhausted and tired, so when I went to this unemployed inteview they noted that I was tired and disturbed. They suggested to go doctor and get sick leave notice for sometime. I need to rest my mind and body now. I have 2 months to rest. Some things has led to this point.

What else, hmm.. I try to make youtube videos 1-2 per week, so I don't get overwhelmed and stressed. I also follow http://www.twitch.tv/razielwarmonic streams now more frequently. She's a good streamer. :) Go, check her twitch!

I started postcrossing and it's fun! I've posted 5 postcards to certain countries and got one back. www.postcrossing.com Looking forward getting more.

I was thinking to get some asian posters on the walls and maybe A Buddha statue with candle holder. It would be nice.

Here are more pictures from tonight.

sunnuntai 8. kesäkuuta 2014

Rain, thunder and Books!

Finally cooler weather!
There, the selection test for Library and information studies is done. I did good I believe. Now then waiting for results. I can relax wohoo!

Planning to read and write when can as I have to be at parents for sometime. For helping out about the dogs. One young puppy's leg needed operating so I have to help mom with other dogs.

Currently I'm reading 'Metro 2033'. It's very interesting book and long one. I have more books in line to be read.Whenever going to Oulu city I drop by the bookstore, they have this sale 3 books with 12 euros. It's very good deal, but I should check those fantasy books too. Some books are bought from http://www.adlibris.com/fi/ Good webstore.

I still need to buy second bookself and sell my aquarium tank to get space. Just smaller and thinner bookself would do.

While I've been at parents, there was one damn hot week. I was melting and going crazy (not literally though). I can't stand heat waves very well. So I'm very happy when it's raining and thundering, even those are brief. Can't wait for autumn.

I'm trying to get back to drawing too. It would be about my fantasy book or short stories. The usual stuff and less gaming. (to self: we see won't we? HUH?) 
Okay, stay safe!

maanantai 5. toukokuuta 2014

From the Bird Tower

Visited at Limingan Luontokeskus and it's bird tower for some photoshooting birds. Putting my camera at it's limit but it just can't zoom so far. Click pics to see larger size and spot birds.

keskiviikko 30. huhtikuuta 2014

Summer ahead! Tarot, Writing and Seedlings!

Summer is coming!

 It's 30th of April and the birthday of my older sister, Happy Birthday!! She went to Canada for two weeks adventure.

 Right, what's news? I had a flu (drunk mint tea + honey like madman) that is over now and got replaced by allergy, pollen and birch trees. Really annoying, but I got medicine for that. I hope it's not bad as in the other year (breathing problems).

I'm waiting for invitation for library and journalist study tests. Even bought the book for journalist test, but nothing is certain. I hope to get the library study as priority.

Waiting for trees and grass to turn green, so I would take exquishite photograps of the nature. It just look like autumn at the moment. Maybe later visit at Oulu parks too. I still haven't learned to use my new camera properly, but with practice will come good and might go to library to borrow a book.

I started scrapbooking and bought few stuff to start off. The scrapbook folder will be "Once upon a time" themed and about my writing hobby. I have made only four pages now. Still excited about it. Maybe one page per week is good or I might run out of materials soon.

I got new Tarot deck, it's called Gilded Reverie Lenormand by Ciro Marchetti. Really fabulous deck! Might use it as inspiration for writing. 

There was a mess that threw me off track of everything for some time. I won't go into details. Including writing got full stop, but after aftershock I started to write again. Fantasy story will get new plot lines and twists. Quite thrilled now. Just have to push on. I try to write daily, but it still little slow.

As it's spring time, I sow some seeds Palisandra dark and Limegreen mix, Lavender and Melissa officinalis. I hope they grow well. That means I have to stay at my flat and less going to parents on these weeks. ;p Here is picture of seedlings.

Tomorrow is Vappu here in Finland. That means most of adults gonna drink their heads off! What? It's partly true! Anyways,  Happy summer waiting!

tiistai 25. maaliskuuta 2014

Where I have been?


Whoah!  It's been while from last time I wrote. Umm.

Things been quite alright. Started a work experience at the local library and it's going nicely. A sibling was staying over in the other week and it was nice. Got look into tarot cards world. I ordered my first own Tarot deck: The Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti. Really beautiful deck! I wish I could learn to listen my inner voice to undererstand card draws. Below example of cards from the deck.

Also got interested in making parchment looking like paper and vintage journals. I saw a few videos on youtube. Might give it a try on Thursday to weekend. First I have to make sure I have coffee or tea. :D

I've been trying to get back to writing too. One thousand words per day is still a challenge, depending on mood. It comes as burst in afternoon and evening sometimes, when should be going to bed! I will get to it!

I have fallen for the books! Been reading before sleeping. It helps me to catch the sandman. It is good relaxing also. Here are few books I've read, Germ, When Darkness Comes, On Writing and Lord of the Rings is now on table, next is The Children of Húrin. I think I need new bookshelf soon.

Gaming as usual, but needs to go out and take photographs since Spring has hit the kingdom! I got new camera Nikon L320 (I think) and need to learn it's secret. I'll post some pictures when I take them.

I think that's all for now. I'll try to be more frequent blogger. Have a nice week! ;)