torstai 21. maaliskuuta 2013

Rough times

                                                      Picture Elder Scrolls: Skyrim.

Lately things been rough due to some decision I have made. Money situation is difficult. I have to wait for 3 weeks before it changes, but I manage it somehow. had to made decision about gaming too. Less MMO that has monthly fee and buy things that I really need. Prioritizing.

I've been playing Skyrim more lately since it doesn't cost, expect need to be online due Steam. Found one nice mod called Frostfall. It adds weather survival against cold and snow. Above screenshot is part of it. Tent and camp fire is needed when temperature goes too low. I love the mod. Would like to get Dragonborn DLC too.
  I have new game too. Bit.Trip Runner 2. It's fun and need to focus game. Dodging obstacles on the way to goal. I haven't played it much.

Writing, I have written a bit. Current situation stopped it for the time being even though I want to continue writing. Hopefully it I get to it soon. I have Grig's story under work and need to work on the fantasy story if I want to get published one day.

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