sunnuntai 8. kesäkuuta 2014

Rain, thunder and Books!

Finally cooler weather!
There, the selection test for Library and information studies is done. I did good I believe. Now then waiting for results. I can relax wohoo!

Planning to read and write when can as I have to be at parents for sometime. For helping out about the dogs. One young puppy's leg needed operating so I have to help mom with other dogs.

Currently I'm reading 'Metro 2033'. It's very interesting book and long one. I have more books in line to be read.Whenever going to Oulu city I drop by the bookstore, they have this sale 3 books with 12 euros. It's very good deal, but I should check those fantasy books too. Some books are bought from Good webstore.

I still need to buy second bookself and sell my aquarium tank to get space. Just smaller and thinner bookself would do.

While I've been at parents, there was one damn hot week. I was melting and going crazy (not literally though). I can't stand heat waves very well. So I'm very happy when it's raining and thundering, even those are brief. Can't wait for autumn.

I'm trying to get back to drawing too. It would be about my fantasy book or short stories. The usual stuff and less gaming. (to self: we see won't we? HUH?) 
Okay, stay safe!

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