perjantai 3. lokakuuta 2014

Autumn moods

                                      Oh noo, I'm late!


It's a while when I posted here. Well, summer went by and we had alot heat. I was suffering as had to stay at parents for some time. I'm so happy autumn is here and foggy one! Tonight is foggy weather and I picked my camera, going out with my sibling who lives nearby. That header picture is one of pictures I took also my favorite.

I've been spritually/mentally exhausted and tired, so when I went to this unemployed inteview they noted that I was tired and disturbed. They suggested to go doctor and get sick leave notice for sometime. I need to rest my mind and body now. I have 2 months to rest. Some things has led to this point.

What else, hmm.. I try to make youtube videos 1-2 per week, so I don't get overwhelmed and stressed. I also follow streams now more frequently. She's a good streamer. :) Go, check her twitch!

I started postcrossing and it's fun! I've posted 5 postcards to certain countries and got one back. Looking forward getting more.

I was thinking to get some asian posters on the walls and maybe A Buddha statue with candle holder. It would be nice.

Here are more pictures from tonight.

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