tiistai 10. helmikuuta 2015

Spring coming!

It's been a while again!


I've been playing Dragon Age Inquistion, and I love it to the bits! I mean, Dorian! xD Anyone who have played that game knows Dorian. I was so thrilled, still I'm. I made male character, and started romancing with Dorian, right after he got introduced. ^.^ I wish I could play on Ultra, but high/medium must do for now. Thanks Bioware, for lovely companion!

My Inquisitor Riany Trevelyan noble.

Picture of Dorian kissing my Inquisitor, starting romance properly.

On other matters, 
I'm trying now getting into writing again. I know I've been saying that a lot. Thanks to my lil sister, she always try to get me writing. Should write everyday something. I really need to buy that notebook from Etsy, or leather journal. I love those. I'm excited again. I'll look into it tomorrow. 
Got back from parents today, and need to settle in, and have perfect focus.

As for eveything else,
in the process.

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