tiistai 30. joulukuuta 2014

New Year Resolutions?

Where the time went?

Soon this year have passed by, and I'm trying to recover from laryngitis (throat head infection). It's a nasty thing. Can't speak well. I got new antibios for the infection, and pain is almost gone now. It began before Christmas, and I haven't been able to eat chocolate! Only 2 pieces of confetti when I was at parents. Also, talking and whispering are not allowed while having this infection. Now mother is sick, and I think I need to go, and help her with housework, and the dogs. Sucky end for this year.

On coming year 2015, I try to write more, and eat less candies. Hopefully it will be better over all. I try not to stress too much.

I started to read The hobbit again. I saw the last Hobbit movie, too, and it was a mess in my opinion. Books are always the best!

That's all from now.

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