torstai 23. lokakuuta 2014

On Writing

I think I heard the sound of gun is loaded. Well, it's more like a shotgun. Yes, my Muse owns it. I think he's right behind me...

 For a long while, writing has been in my mind, but there were distractions. A game for example. One certain game, but I lost inspiration to play it, and uninstalled it. There!

 Now to more pressing news. I've been started to write again! How I have missed it. I try to write daily now, and get back to one to two thousands words per day. I was writing, like that before the long break. I want to do it more often. Also, reading through my first draft. The second draft needs to be done, and infused with the first one, with a lot of changes.

I wanted to make a map for the book. There are problems, when it's about the land shape, and so on. Watching "how to" videos, and checking numerous maps from other people for example, it is still difficult to form own land shape. I have done few practice maps by Campaign Cartographer 3, but still work ahead. I saw few dreams about maps also. Haha.

It's all about getting on the roll now. :)

Ps. The new Hobbit movie, The Battle of fFve Armies is coming on Dec. 17th. Can't wait!!

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